Annette Noontil: The Body is the Barometer of the Soul

I spoke to a friend of mine this evening. Currently the health of his liver isn’t so good and I reminded him about a book that loaned him. I call it my Bible. It’s called the Body is the Barometer of the Soul (by Annette Noontil) and I try to live by what this book says. It’s basic concept is about the mind-body connection and the effect this has on our health. Reading this book was a great revelation. Not because I didn’t already know about the mind-body connection … most of us already know about it … but because the information it contains is very specific and surprisingly accurate. It doesn’t just teach you that your thoughts and emotions have a direct affect on your health it shows you how they affect your health. It is so accurate that I constantly reference it.

An example from my own life would be cold sores. Anyone who’s had one knows what a painful nuisance they can be and they look terrible to boot. I refused to use anything but neat tea tree oil on my cold sores. Just dabbed some on several times a day. It stings like a bitch but it was the only thing I’d found in 20 years that made them go away pretty quickly. My cold sores used to last about two days less than they did with any commercial preparation … until I found my Bible. Using this book I was able to make a cold sore disappear … overnight. No, I’m not kidding. How did I do it? I did nothing more than look up cold sores in the book and read the emotional correspondence listed beside it. I spent the next couple of hours, while going about my ordinary day, considering what my own emotional state was like at that time in regard to what I had read and found a place where my thoughts about myself were less than kind. In doing this I adjusted how I thought/felt about myself to something more positive. When I got up the next morning … the cold sore was gone.

On a bigger level I also believe what it says about cancer. It calls cancer a self-destructive disease … emphasis on self-destructive. I believe this is true because I know where my mind was, how I was feeling and thinking during the time my tumour was growing. I know how I felt about myself and our struggles to have just one child. I know the pressure I was putting on myself to have that child. I know the sense of hopelessness and failure I felt when we finally quit IVF because I had pushed myself too far and couldn’t do it anymore and I know the amount of fear that lived inside me because I was fighting my life and refused to accept it for what it was. Knowing what I know about my own thoughts and feelings during that time, it’s no surprise that I ended up with cancer. I truly was trying to self-destruct. It took having cancer for me to come to my senses. This book and what I learnt about myself from it is the reason why I am grateful for having had the cancer and why I know that it won’t return. My negativity and fear had been made physically manifest … as cancer. I did it to myself.

Taking this level of responsibility for your thoughts and feelings, the inner self and the choices we make in our lives is a hard pill for many, many people to swallow. From birth we are taught that we have no control over what happens to us. The idea that our lives are not random but quite literally of our own making, that we do create what we get, can be difficult for anyone to wrap their head around but that doesn’t make it any less true. Yes, there are many events that happen to us that we do not control but, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not the events … like being born with Spina Bifida … that are important, they are just a vehicle for our lessons and it’s the lessons and what we choose to learn from them that are important. We may not control the events but we do control how we choose to re-act to them.

This is why I find Quantum Physics and particularly the Zero-point Field so important. To me, the book The Body is the Barometer of the Soul, and what I have learnt from it, is the Zero-point Field in action. We are our emotions and what we feel is what we get. Then there’s Karma. The belief that how we behave in life accrues a positive or negative response. In Wicca they call it the three-fold law … whatever energy you send out will be returned to you multiplied by the power of three. How we behave also applies to how we behave towards ourselves and my Bible helps me to decipher the sometimes complex emotions that can wreck havoc with my body. That’s why it’s so important to be completely honest with ourselves about how we really feel … good as well as bad and why it’s so important to address any issues or upsets we might have, being completely and truly honest with ourselves. If it helps … there are no good or bad emotions. What makes them good or bad is how we choose to act or not act on those feelings but when we carry them around inside, like holding a grudge for example, or when we try to ignore them or, as many do, we run away from them, that is when we hurt ourselves. That is when we get sick. The longer we hide from our emotional selves the more sick we get.

I know a number of people with low self-esteem, self-respect and especially self-worthiness issues, even a few who think they don’t have these kinds of issues. I understand their problems with these things because it took me so many years to overcome them myself. I wish they could see in themselves what I can see in them* … but there’s that path thing again. I cannot interfere with their chosen path. I can only show them the way and hope that they feel ready to see it. It’s wonderful when they do though. When they genuinely recognise their own worthiness for the first time and the light within switches from the ‘off’ position to the ‘on’ position. It usually switches off again shortly after that but now they know how to turn it on.

The Body is the Barometer of the Soul is a great way to find your way to your emotional home. It cannot turn your light on for you, only you can do that, but the book can light the match that will help you to see through the dark, help you to understand yourself better, help you to decipher those physical symptoms of emotional dis-ease and achieve a more physically, emotionally and spiritually balanced and healthy existence. It can be a truly life changing experience … if and when you are ready to deal with the person inside.


* The Body is the Barometer of the Soul says that whatever we see in others, we can only see because we already possess those qualities ourselves, eg: if someone you know has a great sense of humour or they are intelligent or are good with words you see it in them because you yourself already possess it.

8 responses to “Annette Noontil: The Body is the Barometer of the Soul

  1. Hi Janine

    What a wonderful recognition for Annette’s work. Yes, the book is quite a resource and my copy is crumpling from the strain of use. It was better when Mum was around to look into our ailments for us, but now she’s gone, we have to look into them ourselves!

    Thankyou and well done. Happy healing



  2. Hi Janine,

    That is a great review of the book and it’s essence. It’s had a remarkable impact on my own emotional cleansing also, a reference I turn to as a first port of call. The windows it’s opened for me into me and therefore healing, have been so liberating and exciting! I recommend it to anyone.

    Best Regards,

  3. Thank you for the compliment Elizabeth. I’m glad to hear the book has been so helpful to you.

  4. Hi Janine
    I also refer to this book as my ‘bible’. It always provides revealing insight to any ailment that I or others have. I like to recommend it to others especially healers
    Yours in love & light
    Lyn (Reiki Practioner)

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